Flashmob of Me

Flashmob of Me

Above: Flashmob of Me performance images. Click to view slideshow or view on Flickr.

A flashmob performance at the Push simulator (now deleted) in Second Life. The performance consisted of flooding an area of the simulator with replicas of my representation in Second Life. These were in essence copies of a copy (the original being my ‘real’ physical self) which when seen en masse can not be distinguished from the ‘original’ copy but on closer inspection are flat degraded representations similar to cardboard cut-outs.

The performance lasted twenty minutes however some copies stayed on site for several days following any avatar that came to the simulator around the space. A performance by Dancoyote Antonelli which documents this can be seen here.

The performance was part of an ongoing series of works on identity and place in the ‘virtual’ space of Second Life.

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