Flag for a Location

Above: Flag for a Location series of video actions.

Flag for a Location is a series of video actions via Facebook’s live streaming for the White Flag residency at Peripheral Forms that ran throughout February 2018.

Eight performative actions occurred in this series. Each action chromakeyed a 3D flag into a webcam feed of a location, intervening in the space and claiming it as part of the White Flag residency.

Flag for Brooklyn Bridge placed a flag designed by Facebook user dalpofzs on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York because the flag seemed to heckle me. Flag for Ponte della Paglia placed a flag anonymously designed by a Facebook user along a canal in Venice on route to the Ponte della Paglia because the flag’s lines/links made me think of the canals in Venice. Flag for (fabulous) Las Vegas placed the flag Broadcast Nation designed by Facebook user Rebekah Modrak in front of the Las Vegas sign because the flag looked like neon. Flag for Moscow (Kremlin) placed the flag Data, designed by Facebook user by Czar ML, in Moscow with the Kremlin in the background because the flag suggested the allegations that Russia now conducts data wars. Flag for Dover (port) placed the flag euro isolation by Facebook user enrique arce on Dover beach in England with the port in the background because the flag seemed to refer to Brexit. Flag for Sydney (bridge) placed a flag designed by an anonymous Facebook user on Sydney harbour bridge in Australia because the flag had shapes resembling surfboards. Flag for Studio (AFK) placed a flag designed by myself into my studio. The flag was placed in this space to fold what was created in ‘virtual’ space back into ‘real’ space. Finally, Flag for Jerusalem (wall) placed a flag designed by an anonymous Facebook user in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem because the flag has a vertical line dividing the flag in two. Sounds were created for each action through the use of real sound from locations and sourced sound from the internet.

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