Exploring the networked image in ‘post’ art practices

Above: Paper slideshow available through Google Docs.

This paper for the Journal of Media Practice / MeCCSA Practice Network Symposium titled Post-Screen Cultures/Practices on the 10/06/2016, presented four networked art practice works undertaken since 2014. The works included:

  • This is Real Virtuality (2014), a networked photographic and text-based performance in weblog form consisting of a first person narrative that recounts the experiences of an unnamed individual noticing colliding virtu/re-alities, that is the merging of ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ spaces, in their daily life.
  • We Entomb Memoir (2015), a series of process-based actions performed online with appropriated image macro generators.
  • Transformations: Actions to Matter / Matter to Actions (2015 – ongoing), a series of performative actions employing what is colloquial termed as the ‘free stuff’ online community. Actions are documented through screenshots and digital photographs.
  • Tran$actions (2015 – ongoing), a series of performative actions which employ the introductory or bonus offers provided by gambling websites as a means to create networked performance documented as screencasts.

While different in subject matter, the works form a series that engages with the networked image. They can be understood as post-photographic practice and touch on post-digital and post-internet art practices. The presentation discussed strategies employed in the works that relate to image production including, reframing photography within networked contexts and image creation, manipulation and appropriation within networks. In addition the presentation explored how an image forms a key component of each work including contributing to a narrative, being the artefact produced, documenting the work in progress and/or being the only trace of the work on completion.

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